Cleaning Tips for the Most Effective Detailing Brush

Cleaning Tips for the Most Effective Detailing Brush

Brushes are without a doubt one of the most important tools in your car care kit, and they go well beyond what other components can accomplish. However, they may arguably be even more valuable for learning those small expert-level skills that are too often neglected. In summary, there are only two rules when it comes to brushing usage: combine them with the appropriate product for the job at hand, and make sure you have a decent collection in the first place! We already know that our detailing brushes have a wide range of applications, but here are six of the most skilled methods and ideas to assist you to make a masterpiece with nothing more than a few strokes.

Flaps and Fuel Caps

The first thing a competent detailer does before beginning any wash is, of course, to pop the gasoline flap. It’s a minor thing, to be sure, but it’s one that many people make. One of the biggest dirt traps on any car – something that becomes obvious during rinsing with a pressure washer because clean water disables grit, grime, and fuel deposits…and they slide down your freshly shampooed paintwork. Fortunately, the fix is simple: our scratch-free pure bristle Detailing Brushes are safe to use on painted surfaces. Used in conjunction with a suitable cleaning solution like Citrus Power or Verso All-Purpose Cleaner, which has a gentle agitation action, they’ll gently remove grime without causing any damage.

Inner Doors

Removing debris and grime trapped within the door shuts and sills is a standard procedure for both decorating and maintaining washes… but many people overlook cleaning the inside of the actual doors. Our Detailing Brushes and Verso All Purpose Cleaner are ideal for these applications, as well as being an essential combination when doing a comprehensive detail.


Rather than hiding the problem with plastic weatherstrips, which only serve to mask rot and insect damage, it’s far more important to fully decontaminate your window mouldings and weatherstrips. In addition to preventing common scraping on window glass, this will also help keep your trim looking good for longer. Rubber weatherstrips deteriorate over time and lose their seal not just between the door and the glass but also become a trap for harsh grit and road grime. When washing your windows, using a brush to agitate and remove impurities during the wash stage can help avoid damage to outside glass when opening and closing it. This procedure may be completed before or after the pre-wash stage with Verso All-Purpose Cleaner. Alternatively, “brushing in’ our Avalanche Snow Foam as it lingers throughout more frequent maintenance washes.

Engine Bays

Even the most filthy engine bays, especially the more complex regions within the shuts, around slam panels and headlights, or even under the bonnet, can be revived with nothing else but a detailing brush and a generous spray of our high foaming Eradicate Engine Degreaser. In all of these fiddly spots, agitation is crucial for making the greatest use of the solution’s cleaning power. Using a specific detailing brush for this is always going to be far superior to using any other method.


We all know that bristles are great at dusting difficult-to-reach and most sensitive places, such as around buttons, heater vents, and steering columns when used dry. It’s worth noting, though, that many common cars can be just as filthy on the inside as they are on the outside… even if it doesn’t appear so to the eye. Plastics and trim containing nasties such as dead skin, natural bodily oils, germs, and viruses abound frequently. The only way to get rid of them permanently is by carrying out a thorough deep clean. Spraying a product like our Wipe Out Interior Disinfectant or Total Interior Cleaner directly onto your brush can simply remove pollutants from surfaces and wipe them away with a fresh Work Cloth, ensuring that your interior is not only clean but also safe and sanitary.

Wheel Faces and Brake Calipers

The best way to thoroughly clean the interior of your alloy wheels of harmful brake dust and road grime is with a bucket full of Revolution Wheel Soap, along with a barrel brush. Using an extra detailer brush filled with Revolution Wheel Soap or agitate Imperial Wheel Cleaner on little areas around centre caps, wheel nuts, and brake callipers, however, is the simplest method to clean complicated locations prone to accumulating dirt and allowing it to build up towards the levels that are bad for your wheel finish.